• Automobile manufacturing

     The plasticization of automobile has brought the lightweight of automobile, and the lightweight of automobile has brought energy saving. At present, plastics have been widely used to replace all kinds of non-ferrous metals and alloy steels in the automobile industry. With the development trend of automotive materials replacing steel with plastics, green environmental protection and new energy industry, new materials provide innovative solutions and technical support for the development of automotive plastic materials.

  • Home appliance industry

    With the development of China's home appliance industry for more than 20 years, it has provided customers with a series of innovative dyeing and modified plastic products, which has won the favor of customers. The material has complete functions, which can meet the needs of different products of customers. According to the specific needs of customers' products, it provides a pair of customized new product development services, which is widely used in the plastic parts of white and black household appliances. In the face of the concept of environmental protection, energy conservation and sustainable development of the home appliance industry, we provide innovative and high-performance plastic materials and technical solutions for the home appliance industry, and make high-quality plastic dyeing and modification materials.